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I still miss you… July 7, 2007

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

I like peanut brittle.

It was never something I loved or necessarily something that I would occasionally have a craving for.

I certainly don’t dislike it.

A fusion of salty and sweet, a crumbly treat.

Caramelized sugar and peanuts in a brittle brick.

I used to think it was an unsophisticated, cheap and simple snack for simple people. It inevitably came in completely unassuming clear plastic packaging that was candle-flame sealed.

No fancy graphics.

No brand.

No logo.


Just peanuts. Whole, halved but mostly mashed up peanuts and frequently amalgamated with sesame seeds in a bite sized brick.

A simple snack for a simple man.

No thanks, not for me.

I’ll pass.

Another occasion that I remember the peanut brittle from would be on significant Chinese holidays. These sweets would be one of the many treats on the “remembrance table” for papa’s papa. Prepared chicken, pork, a variety of other dishes and sweets became “offerings” on this table.

All this, the burning of joss paper and “casting” for lucky numbers is a paying of respect that I never really took seriously or cared for. I don’t think papa appreciated my attitude since it seemed to matter much to him. Perhaps if I had knew the man, all this might have meant something to me. The only grandparent I knew was mama’s mama.

Peanut brittle.

Much later on, whenever I was traveling home from the US, I’d make sure to get some. Branded, boxed and packaged…sugar free ones and even sent some from Traverse City when I was working there. Papa said it was very “buttery and fragrant” but it was very “heaty” and “too sugary”. Diet restricted his consumption of the treats but not his enjoyment.

Peanut brittle.

I crave it every now and then…especially on significant Chinese holidays.

Save some for me.

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Meeting my future mate: Part 1 June 19, 2006

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For all my dear friends and family, I want to introduce you to my future mate…Christopher. Han Wei is his chinese name meaning "proud to be chinese". He is the first born and only son…very prominent position in a chinese family. Lots of responsibility and affection toward this heir because he willl carry on the family name…and hopefully our children will bless the Wong legacy too!

Occupation: environmental graphic designer
Hobbies: food + photography as is apparent from our flckr site (check us out), soccer, rugby, basketball, sleeping (i've told him this is not a hobby but he insists that it is), music + drums
Qualities: there are so many so i'll just name a few: creative, honest, trustworthy, passionate, loyal, loving, devoted…
How did we meet?

I started helping chris with the college ministry in fall 2003…i was just finishing my graduate work and had more time for church activities and had finished a summer bible study with the college girls…this was a good transition into helping Chris with the college ministry. We started working together in planning for the fall bible study and then i made a trip to east asia… chris and i had slowly begun to know each other before i left for this trip…i admired him, but was very consumed with my future plans for china.

absence makes the heart grow founder i guess…when in asia i thought about him a lot…and everywhere i turned i saw guys that kind of looked like him…which made me think of him even more…he sent me a couple of emails that also encouraged me…mostly that he was thinking of me too, even if most of their contents were about ministry. i returned right before thanksgiving and our big church conference…we were again working closely on the college ministry and at the same time getting to know each other. i started admiring him more…his devotion and sacrificial giving of himself really impressed me…he also was great with his Godkids and i thought that was endearing… of course i struggled with these feelings because it wasn't in my direct future plans to fall in love…

i finally confided in my pastor's wife about these feelings and she gave me good advice to just wait upon God and give these feelings over to him. chris and i continued to work on college ministry and it was funny because the group had decided to cover the topic of dating on one of our final meetings before christmas…so chris and i had to meet up before to discuss the dating issue…

we met up at starbucks and this guy orders tea…not a coffee drinker like me…anyway that is okay. we ended up talking about our perspectives on dating and it was another confirmation for me in that both of us were on the same page as far as dating…we worked on the dating with a biblical perspective and then i invited him to join my friends and i for dinner…not a DATE…but this way my friends could check him out!

as christmas and the post holidays progressed i continued to stress over the what if he likes me and i like him and we start dating…then what?! with wise counsel from friends and family, I continued to trust in God's plans and timing for my future…i know that God was in control and He gave me a peace…then

chris called me up, which was not unusual because he would call me about ministry…this time was a bit different…the tone in his voice was weird…he seemed nervous or troubled…he ask me if i was free on saturday to talk…i said sure…he said we need to talk about you and I…then he basically cut the conversation short and said that he would meet me at my place on saturday…which was january 17th…

to be continued!

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Move over Lang Lang here’s ZB! May 28, 2006

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Protege at work!

Saturday afternoon was our little pianist's very first piano recital. It was quite the turn out with parents, ah-yis and supportive little siblings! Our lad put on a good show with 3 pieces. Though short, the stellar performance was immortalized on DVD, thanks to daddy, KB! =) All intrested can get your hands on a copy through mail order; we'll cut you a deal before it hit the streets for worldwide release!

Celebrations followed at Danada Square; our young star had a nice cheeseburger, fries and washed everything down with a refreshing rasberry drink! 3 hip hip hoorays for ZB!

Okay, so Lang Lang better watch out!

Watch Zachary's piano recital video here!

Spell with Flickr May 23, 2006

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L Blue \"E\" G One Letter / O S D Rr E A M

check out spell with Flickr here.

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Hello from LEGO! May 22, 2006

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Package from LEGO!

Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

So we had a nice weekend but short as usual and Monday rolls around faithfully without fail. Anyways, by day's end its been depressive, hectic and just simply a Monday.

And lately, I have been hooked on 24…thanks to Mel. Today's the 2 hour season finale and when I got home there's half of the episode left; Jack Bauer just hijacked the President's chopper. Pretty entertaining…except now we have to wait till 2007!

But the HIGHLIGHT of the day and evening was when I noticed on my coffee table a package with a very conspicously red square logo. LEGO sent me something!

I was so psyched! Of course, I wasn't about to let this moment pass without documenting here and of course here. =) Sweet…LEGO had sent me a cake topper kit complete with mini-figs of bride and groom! And a very nice and personal transmittal from the rep at their Direct Consumer Services department. Here's that letter from LEGO on flickr.

Letter from LEGO!

What started out as a neat idea for our wedding party favors, became a meaningful interaction with a company; further personalizing the experience with one of my favorite toy brands of all time. Mel and I really thought and understood that things wouldn't realistically pan out as we had wished but to receive the package thereafter was great; a great story to add to branding case study books out there.

LEGO Cake Topper!

Moral of the story? LEGO still make (some) grown men excited. If anything, they just converted this LEGO giving, avid fan into a life time advocate & ambassador! Mel thought it was really cool what they did, but I think she was just happy that I was so thrilled… =)

Okay, so what's Tuesday going to be like?

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More than just an eye May 21, 2006

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An eye for an eye…your life, limb and everything else too.

Because by demanding the same that’s owed, never usually bring equity to the offenses against us. Your eye for mine will not be enough. Even the satisfaction that it brings varies, occassion to occassion. On a good day, we might be able to let the monkey slide off our back; brush it off to somewhere between vengeance and oblivion.

Other times, like I said, your eye is just not enough. That, perhaps will let us start off from the same foot…sort of level the playing field again, at which point I would then love to be at a place to exploit, take advantage and perhaps exact some form of vengeance. We hate being taken advantage of, but love getting away with things when we can, love whenever life deals us with an upper hand.

Its no wonder those laws didn’t work.

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fine print world May 15, 2006

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handle with care

Originally uploaded by solja.

We live in a fine print world. Everything carries those delicately-sized type, from cell phone contracts to the pipping hot styrofoam coffee cups. The "fine print" that we encounter are not necessarily confined to the printed medium. Radio ads often employ speed readers rattling off their aural fine print sounding like maniacs on a caffiene+sugar high.

Even our everyday conversations and interactions with people (family, friends, coworkers etc) are underscored with the similar "verbal maneuvers". Guised in such feel good notion of being sensitive, considerate, gracious and all things "feel good" are nothing more than euphemisms for trust-less, insecurity, insincere, fake, lies. Pieces of turd coated with sugar, sincerely passed-off as genuine.

We love to lie to ourselves, that's why we not only give permission to others but encourage them wholeheartedly to do the same to us. So they lie to us since we first lie to ourselves; because we know what we don't want to hear. Bloody hypocrites.

While the cautionary message may be found on the side of many a styrofoam coffee cup; it bears no genuine-kind consideration for our safety as we partake of its contents. It's a fine reflection of our base nature. The same one that tells you its ok because no one is looking; it doesn't matter cos' they won't miss it; pass the buck; not me, he did it.

Here's the real fine print…CAUTION: IT'S NOT THAT I'M HOT

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Alas, I tried. May 11, 2006

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It was worth a try nonetheless, can't fault a guy for doing that. We'll still do something with my favorite toy anyways. It looks like they get hit up quite a bit. Not suprising since LEGO is so popular. So here's the response from LEGO (to the request I had made to them).

I must say, they are really responsive; it was nice that they took time to read my email and respond.

Though, that "no" sure came quick…ouch.


Dear Mr Wong

Thank you for your recent email from 05/10/06 asking the LEGO Group® to consider your request for support.

Regrettably, we are unable to fulfill your request. Last year, LEGO Systems, Inc. received over 4,000 requests for LEGO toys, monetary contributions and sponsorships. While we would like to support every request, due to limited resources this is not possible. For this reason, our management made the decision to concentrate donation, contribution and sponsorship efforts to hospitals, shelters and non-profit organizations serving disadvantaged children in the Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts areas due to our proximity to those cities.

We do not support requests from individuals, religious organizations, schools and day care centers, national or international organizations, organizations located outside of the Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts areas or endowments funds.

On behalf of the LEGO Group, please accept our best wishes.

LEGO Direct Consumer Services


So…any other LEGO party favor ideas?

LEGO Party sets
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Emogination May 10, 2006

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Let there be tux May 10, 2006

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tommy tux

Another thing to strike-off the to do list; Groom and groom’s men tux.

Measured and everything…now just sit back, relax and wait for the tux to arrive in time for the wedding.

“Did she really say that was my waist size?!?!?!”

There was a bunch of high school guys that walked in shortly after we did. Seriously, I only thought that girls got excited about getting their outfit together for the prom. These dudes were the equivalent-ly giddy and obnoxiously noisy. I couldn’t even hear myself think it was so loud and distracting.

Oh yea, speaking of loud and distracting. There were 2 young lasses riding on the train tonight on my way home that was eager to let everyone know they weren’t exactly from the area. Its as if the usual young-ens-air-heads that insists on sharing their conversation with everyone on the train wasn’t enough. These 2 lovelies felt compelled to contribute with their utter-gutteral-babble. I was like…
“Uh…eich bin shhhaaaaddduuuuuppp!!!!!”

Shouldn’t matter what language you speak, silence is golden!

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