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Iron Man was good. May 24, 2008

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Enjoyed it.

Great visuals.

Loved the mechatronics assembly as he suits up.

RD jr was great.

Sweet Audi too.

Nice styling similarity between the R8’s front/headlights and Iron Man’s mask/eye features.


Originally uploaded by freakscity.

On a slight tangent…if some of the old school automakers would have perhaps an exchange or a cross discipline charette with creatives from other fields it would benefit them greatly.

Save us from the soul-less, lumps of eye sores that ply the streets of America.

Mel enjoyed the movie too though Baby Mama could have soiled it all. =)

Spell with Flickr May 23, 2006

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L Blue \"E\" G One Letter / O S D Rr E A M

check out spell with Flickr here.

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Hello from LEGO! May 22, 2006

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Package from LEGO!

Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

So we had a nice weekend but short as usual and Monday rolls around faithfully without fail. Anyways, by day's end its been depressive, hectic and just simply a Monday.

And lately, I have been hooked on 24…thanks to Mel. Today's the 2 hour season finale and when I got home there's half of the episode left; Jack Bauer just hijacked the President's chopper. Pretty entertaining…except now we have to wait till 2007!

But the HIGHLIGHT of the day and evening was when I noticed on my coffee table a package with a very conspicously red square logo. LEGO sent me something!

I was so psyched! Of course, I wasn't about to let this moment pass without documenting here and of course here. =) Sweet…LEGO had sent me a cake topper kit complete with mini-figs of bride and groom! And a very nice and personal transmittal from the rep at their Direct Consumer Services department. Here's that letter from LEGO on flickr.

Letter from LEGO!

What started out as a neat idea for our wedding party favors, became a meaningful interaction with a company; further personalizing the experience with one of my favorite toy brands of all time. Mel and I really thought and understood that things wouldn't realistically pan out as we had wished but to receive the package thereafter was great; a great story to add to branding case study books out there.

LEGO Cake Topper!

Moral of the story? LEGO still make (some) grown men excited. If anything, they just converted this LEGO giving, avid fan into a life time advocate & ambassador! Mel thought it was really cool what they did, but I think she was just happy that I was so thrilled… =)

Okay, so what's Tuesday going to be like?

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Alas, I tried. May 11, 2006

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It was worth a try nonetheless, can't fault a guy for doing that. We'll still do something with my favorite toy anyways. It looks like they get hit up quite a bit. Not suprising since LEGO is so popular. So here's the response from LEGO (to the request I had made to them).

I must say, they are really responsive; it was nice that they took time to read my email and respond.

Though, that "no" sure came quick…ouch.


Dear Mr Wong

Thank you for your recent email from 05/10/06 asking the LEGO Group® to consider your request for support.

Regrettably, we are unable to fulfill your request. Last year, LEGO Systems, Inc. received over 4,000 requests for LEGO toys, monetary contributions and sponsorships. While we would like to support every request, due to limited resources this is not possible. For this reason, our management made the decision to concentrate donation, contribution and sponsorship efforts to hospitals, shelters and non-profit organizations serving disadvantaged children in the Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts areas due to our proximity to those cities.

We do not support requests from individuals, religious organizations, schools and day care centers, national or international organizations, organizations located outside of the Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts areas or endowments funds.

On behalf of the LEGO Group, please accept our best wishes.

LEGO Direct Consumer Services


So…any other LEGO party favor ideas?

LEGO Party sets
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Emogination May 10, 2006

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Dear LEGO May 10, 2006

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

So I thought it would be worth the try to see if LEGO would actually be interested in helping us out with some of the party favors. Where did I get such a crazed idea? Don’t know…probably too much playing with those plastic blocks! Seriously though, they do bring back inumerable fond memories and moments…

So what the heck…below is my email to LEGO customer service, let’s see if they write back.



I have searched high and low at LEGO.com for a place to send my quite unusual request; it seems this is the best place to do that.

I have been a LEGO enthusiast all 36 years of my life. I use the word loosely since I don’t & wouldn’t dare consider myself a “die-hard fanatic” like some individual/groups out there that have rightfully earned that title. Nonetheless, LEGO has been such an integral part of my childhood years. My introduction to the world of LEGO was a firestation set (probably circa 1975) given to me by my parents. Over the years, there were many additions to that first set. As my sisters and I grew older, toys came and went but the “tupperware tub” of little plastic bricks became our main and consistent staple of creative play. Mixing and matching pieces from a variety of different sets, creating our own Legoland long after the original instructions have been discarded.

The stage set by LEGO years ago, most likely contributed to my getting a degree in Industrial Design. Now I am working as a wayfinding specialist at an architecture firm; designing environmental graphic and signage systems. As an adult, I don’t quite play with LEGO as much anymore, though it certainly holds a very near and dear place in my heart. Whenever I think back to my childhood years, I am flooded with many memories and moments shared with my parents, siblings over our LEGO playtime.Today, I give LEGO toys as gifts to my godchildren and friends’ kids for birthday, Christmas and other gift giving occassions. And I know one day, I will buy my kid that first LEGO set and start that wonderful tradition for him/her.

On the 12th August 2006, my fiance and I will be tying the knot. As with most, we thought hard about what would make meaningful favors. We both agreed unanimously that giving our guests something from LEGO would be a way to share what we are about. So I began to wonder if LEGO would be interested in participating; so I started writing this email. My thought is, if possible, that each guest would be given a small “kit” (like 3607 or something small and low priced). A quick tally of our invited guests show that about 80% are married with children (infants thru’ teens).

So while I would be honored if LEGO would participate, we plan on doing something similar even if LEGO didn’t. We would probably buy buckets of 2×4 bricks and get them engraved as a keepsake.

Well, I guess it really doesn’t hurt to try and hopefully, I will get a response regardless.

Take care and leg godt!


ps: i blog at the following http://www.legosdream.wordpress.com; i also wrote a song that references LEGO and it can be found at the blog site


While surfing around I came across this image, I am not sure if they actually have these minifigures or minifigs. It would be cool if we found them and used it as our cake toppers!

lego wedding

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Wedding 101: Part Deux May 1, 2006

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

1. Church; check
2. Reception; check
3. Photographer; check
4. Bridal dress; check
5. Bridesmaid dresses; check
6. Cheap-PaperSource-warehouse-sale-envelopes +other-materials-for-invitation-etc; CHECK!!!!

The pic above looked really tame comapred to when we first got there; the line was up the whazooo. People with boxes filled with stacks of envelopes, decorative paper, cardstock and a variety of sundry-paper-items in PaperSource's invetory.

Apparently, they do this twice a year to get rid of "excess" or "out of season" invertory. It was a zoo, mostly women with a mission in mind to save on their wedding costs by way of discounted materials for their invitation. I must say it was a real good bargain and if your color scheme worked with what they had on sale, that's a divine bonus! There were numerous that staked out areas in the wharehouse with their literal mounts of good finds. If one is not careful, unsuspecting "scavengers" might pick at other's hard earned "spoils"; though I am sure the mess would've been a good excuse to do just that. I wouldn't be suprised if there were cat-fights over who saw that lilac scalloped note cards first. Of course, not all there were crazy bridezillas and their cohorts; some were just good ol' crafty people taking advantage of the good deals.

Anyways, there were definitely more women than men there. That's okay, because as a metro-sexual-designer-designing-his-own-wedding-invitations, I know that "What we really need are #10 envelopes in Chartruse".

Box of Envelopes

So anyway, 400 or so envelopes, 200 cards and $41 dollars later, we were very happy with the good find. The next time it happens in September we'll make sure we come with more cash.

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Icebergs don’t lie April 26, 2006

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

1. …if you have a “cute” parody for an ad campaign, regardless of how unappetizing the end product makes, “creatives” will think it cool and produce it.

One of the ads for the National Pork Board’s campaign for “The Other White Meat” is a spoof off of the Titanic crashing into an iceberg(lettuce).

Ironically, their current tagline is “Don’t be blah.”; though that’s a fitting description of the sorry looking salad that appeared at the end of the commercial.

Maybe they should take their own advice and hire a new agency.

2. …some people think above, act above and therefore must be above others. That they would have acted this way, be caught acting this way and then proclaim innocence by acting “blur” really only reaffirms this belief in themselves.

Icebergs don’t lie, they just hide the other 90% of their volume and they don’t make anything that palatable not even the other white one.

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iMight January 14, 2006

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Let interests renew+bank accounts reviewed.

So with the new Intel Core Duo chip, our little friend is supposed to perform much better than the predecessor G5. The last time I was immersed in a Mac environment, I was using OS9, so its been a while. With my recent thought of getting “everything” into a computing unit, I was also looking at the Winodow’s Media Center PCs.

It just seems like everything that we use in our daily life is syncing, downloading or streaming. This digital lifestyle is pretty neat…but it costs a pretty penny. In anycase, it would be nice to be back using a Mac again, after being “forced” to use an XP machine at work for the last 4 years. To be fair, it hasn’t been bad. Windows has come a long way; from the days of WFW 3.11!! That, was a mess to use. I remember back when they finally released a version 1.1 for the Adobe Illustrator on the PC platform. It stayed 1.1 for the next what seems like 100 years while the Mac versions were at 5.5/6.0. These days, everything seems to be on par, and pretty transparent from platform to platform within the same software; for the most part at least.

Having said all that, it would be nice to be an obnoxious elitist again.

monday in tuesday’s clothing January 4, 2006

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monday in tuesday’s clothing

Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

Surely I will be nominated and awarded the quarterly employees’ award again. Guess I am starting ’06 with a bang or maybe I am just what they call “seow on”.

It didn’t help that it was Tuesday today nor that it was the first day of the work year. No easing into work what with the long new year’s weekend. Nothing of that sort, because with 18 emails in my inbox on the same subject, I’ve been made aware of an apparent deadline for tonight. So, I guess there were two Mondays this week.

This pic could very well be taken at 11:30 tonight, cos’ that’s when I walked out of here. I hollered a “Good night” to the Polish cleaning lady. She went about her business with the vacuum. She must have not heard it with the din…or she might just be ticked at me for being in her way to get her cleaning duties done. Either way I was glad to get out of there.

14 hours ain’t nothing, it’s actually alright. Take comfort that the day ended while it’s still today. There will be 3, 4, 5am days I’m sure; in the meantime, I will be grateful. Actually, we are probably better off than the folks in architecture. I am sure there were people up on the 35th and 36th floors when I left. They may as well just live there.

Oh yeah, I was reminded, again, to “design using transparent materials”. Guess I should take lessons from Wonder Woman.