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The Dark Knight hanging out on a beautiful day… August 17, 2007

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So they have been shooting the next Batman sequel The Dark Night around Chicago lately…in fact they have been shooting in and around our building the past week or so.

A nice little excursion downstairs this afternoon to see what they were up to. Think they were just testing out the Dark Knight model/dummy. The curious crowds just kept hanging (no pun intended) around to see what else would happen. Nothing.

When I was leaving work later on, they were still getting ready to shoot some scene with all the extras in position…and waiting….still no Christian Bale. Guess we’ll have to wait till next year to see the actual scene.

They were also temporary laser printed signs all over the plaza at our building directing the staff to “Set”, “Breakfast” etc…that’s nice to see coming to work in the morning.

signage on the set of the TDK

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