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Invest Wisely…first year bliss… August 13, 2007

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This has got to be the best cookie fortune that I have come across in a while.

Every now and then I think about the mighty moolah…the greenback, you know money $$$…kaching, cha-ching…gimme some o dat bling bling….

My thoughts tend to gravitate towards the lack thereof….or the lust for more I should say.

Its funny, becos’ in my daily reading, I was sharing with Mel that verse in Proverbs about how wealth is describe as having wings like eagles…(Prov. 23:5)…interesting….sounds like someone’s trying to tell me something….

So about a year or so ago, I made an investment that would be considered very wise…yup last time I checked, the diamond’s still there…a well crafted ring. I’d like to report that the ring the diamond’s attached to, is more importantly, still attached to the person that reciprocated my investment.

1 year 1 day 11hours and 30 minutes later….we are enjoying married life more and more each day…we sleep, eat, play…do everything and do nothing together…if its not too much to say, we do everything together and we enjoy it.

Its great to do the normal and usual stuff together…like going to work everyday, but what makes it better is coming home from that long work day and spending our short but sweet evenings together.

Though some things we can do without like the fights and those long business trips that I had been taking lately to Dubai. Actually, Mel’s in Michigan for a conference/workshop today and tomorrow. All these make the coming home and the making up much much sweeter…it makes us appreciate the other more…it makes me realize how far from perfect we are and how much grace we need from the other…

Green Dolphin Street

So this past weekend we celebrated our first year of bliss by doing what’s most important, spending time together. We had some nice quiet dinners….on Friday we went to the neighborhood Italian place and sat outside for dinner…it was nice out.

Saturday was a real treat, since we rarely “go out” =)

We went over to the Green Dolphin Street…had some dinner and then later on adjourned to their jazz club area for some live music…the Baritones were playing (rhythm and blues)…the food was good..mel had the beet salad followed by the steak and crab cake entree…i started with the spinach salad and the rack of lamb…we were stuffed after all that…

We spent most Sunday, the actual day of our anniversary at church and later on we spent some time with the youth working on the upcoming conference Uprising…www.uroth.org


Much too much has happened this year…happy, sad…its been such a blessing to see the timing of things and how everything fell into place…can’t imagine going through this past year “alone”…

Here’s to many more to come…

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