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I still miss you… July 7, 2007

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I like peanut brittle.

It was never something I loved or necessarily something that I would occasionally have a craving for.

I certainly don’t dislike it.

A fusion of salty and sweet, a crumbly treat.

Caramelized sugar and peanuts in a brittle brick.

I used to think it was an unsophisticated, cheap and simple snack for simple people. It inevitably came in completely unassuming clear plastic packaging that was candle-flame sealed.

No fancy graphics.

No brand.

No logo.


Just peanuts. Whole, halved but mostly mashed up peanuts and frequently amalgamated with sesame seeds in a bite sized brick.

A simple snack for a simple man.

No thanks, not for me.

I’ll pass.

Another occasion that I remember the peanut brittle from would be on significant Chinese holidays. These sweets would be one of the many treats on the “remembrance table” for papa’s papa. Prepared chicken, pork, a variety of other dishes and sweets became “offerings” on this table.

All this, the burning of joss paper and “casting” for lucky numbers is a paying of respect that I never really took seriously or cared for. I don’t think papa appreciated my attitude since it seemed to matter much to him. Perhaps if I had knew the man, all this might have meant something to me. The only grandparent I knew was mama’s mama.

Peanut brittle.

Much later on, whenever I was traveling home from the US, I’d make sure to get some. Branded, boxed and packaged…sugar free ones and even sent some from Traverse City when I was working there. Papa said it was very “buttery and fragrant” but it was very “heaty” and “too sugary”. Diet restricted his consumption of the treats but not his enjoyment.

Peanut brittle.

I crave it every now and then…especially on significant Chinese holidays.

Save some for me.

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