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Meeting my future mate: Part 1 June 19, 2006

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For all my dear friends and family, I want to introduce you to my future mate…Christopher. Han Wei is his chinese name meaning "proud to be chinese". He is the first born and only son…very prominent position in a chinese family. Lots of responsibility and affection toward this heir because he willl carry on the family name…and hopefully our children will bless the Wong legacy too!

Occupation: environmental graphic designer
Hobbies: food + photography as is apparent from our flckr site (check us out), soccer, rugby, basketball, sleeping (i've told him this is not a hobby but he insists that it is), music + drums
Qualities: there are so many so i'll just name a few: creative, honest, trustworthy, passionate, loyal, loving, devoted…
How did we meet?

I started helping chris with the college ministry in fall 2003…i was just finishing my graduate work and had more time for church activities and had finished a summer bible study with the college girls…this was a good transition into helping Chris with the college ministry. We started working together in planning for the fall bible study and then i made a trip to east asia… chris and i had slowly begun to know each other before i left for this trip…i admired him, but was very consumed with my future plans for china.

absence makes the heart grow founder i guess…when in asia i thought about him a lot…and everywhere i turned i saw guys that kind of looked like him…which made me think of him even more…he sent me a couple of emails that also encouraged me…mostly that he was thinking of me too, even if most of their contents were about ministry. i returned right before thanksgiving and our big church conference…we were again working closely on the college ministry and at the same time getting to know each other. i started admiring him more…his devotion and sacrificial giving of himself really impressed me…he also was great with his Godkids and i thought that was endearing… of course i struggled with these feelings because it wasn't in my direct future plans to fall in love…

i finally confided in my pastor's wife about these feelings and she gave me good advice to just wait upon God and give these feelings over to him. chris and i continued to work on college ministry and it was funny because the group had decided to cover the topic of dating on one of our final meetings before christmas…so chris and i had to meet up before to discuss the dating issue…

we met up at starbucks and this guy orders tea…not a coffee drinker like me…anyway that is okay. we ended up talking about our perspectives on dating and it was another confirmation for me in that both of us were on the same page as far as dating…we worked on the dating with a biblical perspective and then i invited him to join my friends and i for dinner…not a DATE…but this way my friends could check him out!

as christmas and the post holidays progressed i continued to stress over the what if he likes me and i like him and we start dating…then what?! with wise counsel from friends and family, I continued to trust in God's plans and timing for my future…i know that God was in control and He gave me a peace…then

chris called me up, which was not unusual because he would call me about ministry…this time was a bit different…the tone in his voice was weird…he seemed nervous or troubled…he ask me if i was free on saturday to talk…i said sure…he said we need to talk about you and I…then he basically cut the conversation short and said that he would meet me at my place on saturday…which was january 17th…

to be continued!

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