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Hello from LEGO! May 22, 2006

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Package from LEGO!

Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

So we had a nice weekend but short as usual and Monday rolls around faithfully without fail. Anyways, by day's end its been depressive, hectic and just simply a Monday.

And lately, I have been hooked on 24…thanks to Mel. Today's the 2 hour season finale and when I got home there's half of the episode left; Jack Bauer just hijacked the President's chopper. Pretty entertaining…except now we have to wait till 2007!

But the HIGHLIGHT of the day and evening was when I noticed on my coffee table a package with a very conspicously red square logo. LEGO sent me something!

I was so psyched! Of course, I wasn't about to let this moment pass without documenting here and of course here. =) Sweet…LEGO had sent me a cake topper kit complete with mini-figs of bride and groom! And a very nice and personal transmittal from the rep at their Direct Consumer Services department. Here's that letter from LEGO on flickr.

Letter from LEGO!

What started out as a neat idea for our wedding party favors, became a meaningful interaction with a company; further personalizing the experience with one of my favorite toy brands of all time. Mel and I really thought and understood that things wouldn't realistically pan out as we had wished but to receive the package thereafter was great; a great story to add to branding case study books out there.

LEGO Cake Topper!

Moral of the story? LEGO still make (some) grown men excited. If anything, they just converted this LEGO giving, avid fan into a life time advocate & ambassador! Mel thought it was really cool what they did, but I think she was just happy that I was so thrilled… =)

Okay, so what's Tuesday going to be like?

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1. dmdwed - August 1, 2008

Thanks for posting the packaging list. The word is LEGO no longer send this bride and groom package for free. I’m now struggling to recreate the items I need and the list is a HUGE help. Any clue on why they sent you 15 of the roof tiles? I can’t even buy one in white from their website to create the skirt.

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