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fine print world May 15, 2006

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handle with care

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We live in a fine print world. Everything carries those delicately-sized type, from cell phone contracts to the pipping hot styrofoam coffee cups. The "fine print" that we encounter are not necessarily confined to the printed medium. Radio ads often employ speed readers rattling off their aural fine print sounding like maniacs on a caffiene+sugar high.

Even our everyday conversations and interactions with people (family, friends, coworkers etc) are underscored with the similar "verbal maneuvers". Guised in such feel good notion of being sensitive, considerate, gracious and all things "feel good" are nothing more than euphemisms for trust-less, insecurity, insincere, fake, lies. Pieces of turd coated with sugar, sincerely passed-off as genuine.

We love to lie to ourselves, that's why we not only give permission to others but encourage them wholeheartedly to do the same to us. So they lie to us since we first lie to ourselves; because we know what we don't want to hear. Bloody hypocrites.

While the cautionary message may be found on the side of many a styrofoam coffee cup; it bears no genuine-kind consideration for our safety as we partake of its contents. It's a fine reflection of our base nature. The same one that tells you its ok because no one is looking; it doesn't matter cos' they won't miss it; pass the buck; not me, he did it.

Here's the real fine print…CAUTION: IT'S NOT THAT I'M HOT

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