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Alas, I tried. May 11, 2006

Posted by Chris W in design, show all entries, wedding 101.

It was worth a try nonetheless, can't fault a guy for doing that. We'll still do something with my favorite toy anyways. It looks like they get hit up quite a bit. Not suprising since LEGO is so popular. So here's the response from LEGO (to the request I had made to them).

I must say, they are really responsive; it was nice that they took time to read my email and respond.

Though, that "no" sure came quick…ouch.


Dear Mr Wong

Thank you for your recent email from 05/10/06 asking the LEGO Group® to consider your request for support.

Regrettably, we are unable to fulfill your request. Last year, LEGO Systems, Inc. received over 4,000 requests for LEGO toys, monetary contributions and sponsorships. While we would like to support every request, due to limited resources this is not possible. For this reason, our management made the decision to concentrate donation, contribution and sponsorship efforts to hospitals, shelters and non-profit organizations serving disadvantaged children in the Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts areas due to our proximity to those cities.

We do not support requests from individuals, religious organizations, schools and day care centers, national or international organizations, organizations located outside of the Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts areas or endowments funds.

On behalf of the LEGO Group, please accept our best wishes.

LEGO Direct Consumer Services


So…any other LEGO party favor ideas?

LEGO Party sets
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