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Let there be tux May 10, 2006

Posted by Chris W in show all entries, wedding 101.

tommy tux

Another thing to strike-off the to do list; Groom and groom’s men tux.

Measured and everything…now just sit back, relax and wait for the tux to arrive in time for the wedding.

“Did she really say that was my waist size?!?!?!”

There was a bunch of high school guys that walked in shortly after we did. Seriously, I only thought that girls got excited about getting their outfit together for the prom. These dudes were the equivalent-ly giddy and obnoxiously noisy. I couldn’t even hear myself think it was so loud and distracting.

Oh yea, speaking of loud and distracting. There were 2 young lasses riding on the train tonight on my way home that was eager to let everyone know they weren’t exactly from the area. Its as if the usual young-ens-air-heads that insists on sharing their conversation with everyone on the train wasn’t enough. These 2 lovelies felt compelled to contribute with their utter-gutteral-babble. I was like…
“Uh…eich bin shhhaaaaddduuuuuppp!!!!!”

Shouldn’t matter what language you speak, silence is golden!

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