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Skcubrats=Sugar spelt backwards: Take Two May 3, 2006

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So even though my dear hubby-to-be thinks that Starbucks is a sugar zone…he offered up a wonderful surprise to me on monday evening. while engrossed in my/our favorite tv show "24"… i know it is funny but somehow i got hooked on it…chris tried to indiscreetly slip out "to get the mail" and put his coat on "because he was cold" (just a note here that the mail room is indoors).

okay so he is not so sly and good at telling a lie… after a good 15 minutes of "getting the mail" he returns…i just looked at him and asked "where have you been?"… knowing that he was up to something!

he grinned and played dumb for a few minutes insisting that he had just gone to get the mail…after several back and forths, he relented and gestured for me to go to the hallway…to my surprise i found two skcubrats cups…my heart melted and i felt loved…

good surprises are always fun…but waiting for them can be nerve-raking!! thank u hon for being spontaneous…i know i need to learn more of this from u!

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