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Wedding 101: Part Deux May 1, 2006

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1. Church; check
2. Reception; check
3. Photographer; check
4. Bridal dress; check
5. Bridesmaid dresses; check
6. Cheap-PaperSource-warehouse-sale-envelopes +other-materials-for-invitation-etc; CHECK!!!!

The pic above looked really tame comapred to when we first got there; the line was up the whazooo. People with boxes filled with stacks of envelopes, decorative paper, cardstock and a variety of sundry-paper-items in PaperSource's invetory.

Apparently, they do this twice a year to get rid of "excess" or "out of season" invertory. It was a zoo, mostly women with a mission in mind to save on their wedding costs by way of discounted materials for their invitation. I must say it was a real good bargain and if your color scheme worked with what they had on sale, that's a divine bonus! There were numerous that staked out areas in the wharehouse with their literal mounts of good finds. If one is not careful, unsuspecting "scavengers" might pick at other's hard earned "spoils"; though I am sure the mess would've been a good excuse to do just that. I wouldn't be suprised if there were cat-fights over who saw that lilac scalloped note cards first. Of course, not all there were crazy bridezillas and their cohorts; some were just good ol' crafty people taking advantage of the good deals.

Anyways, there were definitely more women than men there. That's okay, because as a metro-sexual-designer-designing-his-own-wedding-invitations, I know that "What we really need are #10 envelopes in Chartruse".

Box of Envelopes

So anyway, 400 or so envelopes, 200 cards and $41 dollars later, we were very happy with the good find. The next time it happens in September we'll make sure we come with more cash.

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