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Skcubrats=Sugar spelt backwards April 27, 2006

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

Caramel Macchiato
Serving size: 12 fl. oz.
Calories: 240

A social-coffee drinker that I am, it was a treat. Its my candy in a cup, a dessert in disguise, it was my stay-warm drink and that's the alibi I am sticking to. It cool again today and I walked out without a jacket this time, smart. Afterall, it is Chicago, where people in winter coats can be seen right next to those in cargo shorts+t-shirts. Anyways, I couldn't bring myself to finish the eighth of the beverage that's left in the cup; a sludgy-sugar-milk-chocolate+spit mixture. Mind you, I did have a lot to drink, it was a "tall" no less, right. Its interesting how they sort of start at that end of the size spectrum. Somehow it should've reassured me that the $4 I was charged was going to be well worth it. Never did quite understand the convention; are we still talking about heights? or size? volume? So what happened to taller, tallest or short? Guess it wouldn't have sounded that sophisticated.

"Hi, can I have a Caramel Machiatto? Uh skim, decaf, no whip…and oh, make it tallest, please."

But it doesn't matter, they already have my Quattro buckaroos and I am now stuck with 240 "useless" calories.

Right, thanks Skcubrats!

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