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child-like steps… April 26, 2006

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today i made some more child-like steps in my journey to learn chinese….

Quick review: (…now i can say)

a. Ask what a person's surname is.

b. Say my name.

c. Say that you haven't got a chinese name.

d. Say that you don't know her.

e. Say That's OK when someone apologizes to you.

f. Say that your friend is not a teacher.

mei guangxi…now one of my favoriate chinese sayings…could be a response to almost anything…

i need to remember that language learning is a growth process…not something that happens overnight…especially if it is chinese or another difficult language. i need to be willing to make mistakes and try again…no matter if it doesn't quite sound right the first time…i'll eventually learn or at least come close!

it's like when a child learns to walk…if they take a couple of steps they still get up and try again or they will never learn to walk…

we can learn lots if we humble ourselves and have a child-like spirit to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them…

walk earnestly, yet carefully my friends =)

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