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Don’t anyhow name your kid…please April 23, 2006

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Excerpts below, read the full story at The Daily Telegraph.


'Suri' Cruise puzzles Israelis

From correspondents in Jerusalem

April 23, 2006

SURI, the name chosen by Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for their newborn daughter, is raising more than its share of interest in Israel.

It means "get out of here" in the local language, Hebrew.

Yaron London, a cultural commentator for Israel's Channel 10 television, had this rhetorical question for Suri's proud parents: "Why didn't you just go back to your ancestors' language, and call the kid 'Scram Cruise'?"

And there are plenty of alternative meanings for Suri.

It's also a Nubian tribe, the word for "rose" in Persian, "sun" in Sanskrit and a term for a form of Alpaca's wool.


The venerable Cruise couple should have considered naming their darling "Princess"; they might just cut a nice endorsement deal from the good folks that gave us the Love Boat.

Mission Impossible doesn't just refer to Mr.Cruise's day job anymore.



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