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Chocolate Softserve Blizzards April 22, 2006

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Just realized today that you can request your Blizzards to be made from DQ's chocolate softserves instead of their vanilla standards…it sure makes the Chocolate Cookie Dough i ordered that much more enjoyable…!!

oreo cheesecake...!!=)

Here's Mel getting her Oreo Cheesecake order…after they sort of forgot about her order…cos' it was getting kinda busy with pple filing in to get their sweet tooth satisfied. Look at the crazy menu and poster items plastered all over the store…and yours truly taking a big spoonful…delightful =)

Thread Dis!

thread this!

Of course we (ahem!) earned our outing to DQ…threading (ouch!) at the famous Bollywood Salon on Dempster in Skokie…the nice lady said "Oh, your boyfriend is sooo lucky! You are so beautiful, your hair is so nice!". Mel made sure she relayed the message to me, to which I said "How come she didn't say to you, oh you are so lucky to have such a good looking boyfriend??!!"

Bollywood's fine offerings...

Check out Bollywood's other fine offerings…maybe I will get my hair kut here sometime.



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