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spring…is it really here? April 21, 2006

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spring is in the air and i have my office windows open…a rarity i know…but most people do not work in a converted 1940's house. space at northwestern is limited so they moved us off campus because our jobs don't require compressed air or gas…at least not on a daily basis. glad i was off campus today too…there was a gas leak and 3 buildings had to be evacuated…yikes!

i am so thankful for fridays…they are a terrific start to the weekend and more relaxed and casual on the university…especially now that spring is finally here…the tulips and wild flowers are in bloom…soccer field is full of energy and excitment…shorts and flip flops are the attire of most everyone =)

today i had lunch with my dear friend linlin who just defended on wednesday…so now i must refer to her as Dr. Zhao…what an awesome accomplishment which she made seem so effortless. now she is on her way to a professorship! linlin was one of my first friends at northwestern and i am sad to think she may be leaving soon =(

1st picnic this spring

paninis from panerapaninis from panera

spring is here…chris and i had our first picnic along the lake tonight…although it lasted only as long as we could scoff down our sandwiches…when they say it is going to be in the 70s and cooler by the lake…it definitely is!



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