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i love u April 20, 2006

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botanic gardens? circa 1980

Was going through some pics that my family had sent me…we are picking pictures that we can use in the montage slideshow for the reception…this pic is great…somehow i think the person taking it for us…not sure who…probably had the camera aimed at the lawn and hence the asymetrical, unbalanced shot…maybe i am not giving the individual credit, they might have been exercising their artistic freedom…i actually prefer it this way, its more dynamic, adding to the expressions on our faces as the wind softly blowing at mummy's hair…

chinese new year circa 1980

Here we are, Chinese New Year's…I think it says it was 1980…if memory serves me correctly, this is probably on the first day of the New Year visitation rounds that we make to family and friends houses…eating sweets, drinking softdrinks and of course collecting "ang pow"…or "hong bao" whichever you prefer…as long as there's money in it…

mama in tokyo circa 1964

One of my favs…here's mama in Japan when she was there at college…



there were so many precious precious images, moments, time, space…i am just flooded with memories and emotion…uuuuggggghhhhhh i hate this feeling….but i love u!



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