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Exchange April 28, 2006

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"Let's not pretend to do what you don't in private, okay?"

"Okay, I won't pretend to be in public what I am not in private."

"I do want to be what I am not, you know?"

"You don't want to be what you are?"


"Okay, yes you do?"

"No. Yes, I don't."

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Skcubrats=Sugar spelt backwards April 27, 2006

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

Caramel Macchiato
Serving size: 12 fl. oz.
Calories: 240

A social-coffee drinker that I am, it was a treat. Its my candy in a cup, a dessert in disguise, it was my stay-warm drink and that's the alibi I am sticking to. It cool again today and I walked out without a jacket this time, smart. Afterall, it is Chicago, where people in winter coats can be seen right next to those in cargo shorts+t-shirts. Anyways, I couldn't bring myself to finish the eighth of the beverage that's left in the cup; a sludgy-sugar-milk-chocolate+spit mixture. Mind you, I did have a lot to drink, it was a "tall" no less, right. Its interesting how they sort of start at that end of the size spectrum. Somehow it should've reassured me that the $4 I was charged was going to be well worth it. Never did quite understand the convention; are we still talking about heights? or size? volume? So what happened to taller, tallest or short? Guess it wouldn't have sounded that sophisticated.

"Hi, can I have a Caramel Machiatto? Uh skim, decaf, no whip…and oh, make it tallest, please."

But it doesn't matter, they already have my Quattro buckaroos and I am now stuck with 240 "useless" calories.

Right, thanks Skcubrats!

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Icebergs don’t lie April 26, 2006

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

1. …if you have a “cute” parody for an ad campaign, regardless of how unappetizing the end product makes, “creatives” will think it cool and produce it.

One of the ads for the National Pork Board’s campaign for “The Other White Meat” is a spoof off of the Titanic crashing into an iceberg(lettuce).

Ironically, their current tagline is “Don’t be blah.”; though that’s a fitting description of the sorry looking salad that appeared at the end of the commercial.

Maybe they should take their own advice and hire a new agency.

2. …some people think above, act above and therefore must be above others. That they would have acted this way, be caught acting this way and then proclaim innocence by acting “blur” really only reaffirms this belief in themselves.

Icebergs don’t lie, they just hide the other 90% of their volume and they don’t make anything that palatable not even the other white one.

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child-like steps… April 26, 2006

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today i made some more child-like steps in my journey to learn chinese….

Quick review: (…now i can say)

a. Ask what a person's surname is.

b. Say my name.

c. Say that you haven't got a chinese name.

d. Say that you don't know her.

e. Say That's OK when someone apologizes to you.

f. Say that your friend is not a teacher.

mei guangxi…now one of my favoriate chinese sayings…could be a response to almost anything…

i need to remember that language learning is a growth process…not something that happens overnight…especially if it is chinese or another difficult language. i need to be willing to make mistakes and try again…no matter if it doesn't quite sound right the first time…i'll eventually learn or at least come close!

it's like when a child learns to walk…if they take a couple of steps they still get up and try again or they will never learn to walk…

we can learn lots if we humble ourselves and have a child-like spirit to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them…

walk earnestly, yet carefully my friends =)

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Random Tuesday Evening Rants April 25, 2006

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Here's the sunset as viewed from the train…blustery-spring-sunset…

Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

It was probably in the low 30s with the blustery-wind chill making it even colder on the Belmont platform.

Stepping off the red line, a purple line had just pulled out of the station, making its journey up towards Howard literally seconds before.

Timing is just such a funny thing. If I had gotten there earlier then I would have made the purple line train alright and it would have be perfect.

Though if I had been on a later red line then wouldn't the later or next purple line run been perfectly timed for the connection?

Sometimes being early might make you think you are late when really being late, you might just be early, on perfect time.


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Don’t anyhow name your kid…please April 23, 2006

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Excerpts below, read the full story at The Daily Telegraph.


'Suri' Cruise puzzles Israelis

From correspondents in Jerusalem

April 23, 2006

SURI, the name chosen by Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for their newborn daughter, is raising more than its share of interest in Israel.

It means "get out of here" in the local language, Hebrew.

Yaron London, a cultural commentator for Israel's Channel 10 television, had this rhetorical question for Suri's proud parents: "Why didn't you just go back to your ancestors' language, and call the kid 'Scram Cruise'?"

And there are plenty of alternative meanings for Suri.

It's also a Nubian tribe, the word for "rose" in Persian, "sun" in Sanskrit and a term for a form of Alpaca's wool.


The venerable Cruise couple should have considered naming their darling "Princess"; they might just cut a nice endorsement deal from the good folks that gave us the Love Boat.

Mission Impossible doesn't just refer to Mr.Cruise's day job anymore.

Chocolate Softserve Blizzards April 22, 2006

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

Just realized today that you can request your Blizzards to be made from DQ's chocolate softserves instead of their vanilla standards…it sure makes the Chocolate Cookie Dough i ordered that much more enjoyable…!!

oreo cheesecake...!!=)

Here's Mel getting her Oreo Cheesecake order…after they sort of forgot about her order…cos' it was getting kinda busy with pple filing in to get their sweet tooth satisfied. Look at the crazy menu and poster items plastered all over the store…and yours truly taking a big spoonful…delightful =)

Thread Dis!

thread this!

Of course we (ahem!) earned our outing to DQ…threading (ouch!) at the famous Bollywood Salon on Dempster in Skokie…the nice lady said "Oh, your boyfriend is sooo lucky! You are so beautiful, your hair is so nice!". Mel made sure she relayed the message to me, to which I said "How come she didn't say to you, oh you are so lucky to have such a good looking boyfriend??!!"

Bollywood's fine offerings...

Check out Bollywood's other fine offerings…maybe I will get my hair kut here sometime.

spring…is it really here? April 21, 2006

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spring is in the air and i have my office windows open…a rarity i know…but most people do not work in a converted 1940's house. space at northwestern is limited so they moved us off campus because our jobs don't require compressed air or gas…at least not on a daily basis. glad i was off campus today too…there was a gas leak and 3 buildings had to be evacuated…yikes!

i am so thankful for fridays…they are a terrific start to the weekend and more relaxed and casual on the university…especially now that spring is finally here…the tulips and wild flowers are in bloom…soccer field is full of energy and excitment…shorts and flip flops are the attire of most everyone =)

today i had lunch with my dear friend linlin who just defended on wednesday…so now i must refer to her as Dr. Zhao…what an awesome accomplishment which she made seem so effortless. now she is on her way to a professorship! linlin was one of my first friends at northwestern and i am sad to think she may be leaving soon =(

1st picnic this spring

paninis from panerapaninis from panera

spring is here…chris and i had our first picnic along the lake tonight…although it lasted only as long as we could scoff down our sandwiches…when they say it is going to be in the 70s and cooler by the lake…it definitely is!

i love u April 20, 2006

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botanic gardens? circa 1980

Was going through some pics that my family had sent me…we are picking pictures that we can use in the montage slideshow for the reception…this pic is great…somehow i think the person taking it for us…not sure who…probably had the camera aimed at the lawn and hence the asymetrical, unbalanced shot…maybe i am not giving the individual credit, they might have been exercising their artistic freedom…i actually prefer it this way, its more dynamic, adding to the expressions on our faces as the wind softly blowing at mummy's hair…

chinese new year circa 1980

Here we are, Chinese New Year's…I think it says it was 1980…if memory serves me correctly, this is probably on the first day of the New Year visitation rounds that we make to family and friends houses…eating sweets, drinking softdrinks and of course collecting "ang pow"…or "hong bao" whichever you prefer…as long as there's money in it…

mama in tokyo circa 1964

One of my favs…here's mama in Japan when she was there at college…



there were so many precious precious images, moments, time, space…i am just flooded with memories and emotion…uuuuggggghhhhhh i hate this feeling….but i love u!

wedding 101-part 1 April 18, 2006

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got engaged roughly two months ago and i am just now finishing putting together my "wedding planning" pocket folder…a must have for every bride-to-be…the major contracts are signed…including reception, church, photographer…bridesmaid dresses are on order…

only 4 months more to go…had this sinking feeling today that I am going to be in this preparation stage for the next 120 days…eating and sleeping wedding stuff. a few of my girlfriends are in the same stage (may + ginger) which is comforting to have others to commensurate with…and exchange ideas/suggestions. i keep telling myself to enjoy the moment and not stress out! learned a new term this weekend…bridezilla…hope i don't become one…knowing my personality during stressful event prep, i know prayer will be the key!

so my friends…now u know how to pray for both myself and chris (he'll need wisdom in how to handle me =)

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