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iMight January 14, 2006

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Let interests renew+bank accounts reviewed.

So with the new Intel Core Duo chip, our little friend is supposed to perform much better than the predecessor G5. The last time I was immersed in a Mac environment, I was using OS9, so its been a while. With my recent thought of getting “everything” into a computing unit, I was also looking at the Winodow’s Media Center PCs.

It just seems like everything that we use in our daily life is syncing, downloading or streaming. This digital lifestyle is pretty neat…but it costs a pretty penny. In anycase, it would be nice to be back using a Mac again, after being “forced” to use an XP machine at work for the last 4 years. To be fair, it hasn’t been bad. Windows has come a long way; from the days of WFW 3.11!! That, was a mess to use. I remember back when they finally released a version 1.1 for the Adobe Illustrator on the PC platform. It stayed 1.1 for the next what seems like 100 years while the Mac versions were at 5.5/6.0. These days, everything seems to be on par, and pretty transparent from platform to platform within the same software; for the most part at least.

Having said all that, it would be nice to be an obnoxious elitist again.



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