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redtape & overeating January 7, 2006

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Belgian WafflesWonton Noodles

Original Pancake HouseApple Pancakes

All thanks to “redtapism”. we enjoyed a couple of days of gastronimical revenge courtesy of emotional eating sponsored by our dearly beloved INS.

We had some Belgian Waffles again on Thursday night to overcome our initial dismay. That waffle maker I got for Christmas has been put to very good use. Thanks Diane.

The next day afterwork, we tracked over to our favorite Chinatown “dive”, 7 treasures and walloped on a couple bowls of their wonton noodles and a platter of stir fried garlic pea sprouts. Incidentally, we learnt that the gift certificate was only good for a one time purchase and no change will be given.

The Original Pancake House was selected to dish up their comfort in the form of apple pancakes this morning. Guess I didn’t know it was really a chain. Those pancakes were awesome; slight cripy dough with a warm and soft cinammon-y center and of course those luscious glazed apple morsels atop all that.

Of course, that changed nothing. We might even have felt a little expansion around the waist but it provided some distraction, for now. We’ll hold out a candle and prayers that maybe, just perhaps that the paperwork comes through before the 26th. It will be no less than a mircale and answered prayers.

Yet again, I’ve had to re-schedule my life and plane tickets because of you.

Then again, it must be because we live in the fattest city in the US. Krispy kreme anyone?



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