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iMight January 14, 2006

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Let interests renew+bank accounts reviewed.

So with the new Intel Core Duo chip, our little friend is supposed to perform much better than the predecessor G5. The last time I was immersed in a Mac environment, I was using OS9, so its been a while. With my recent thought of getting “everything” into a computing unit, I was also looking at the Winodow’s Media Center PCs.

It just seems like everything that we use in our daily life is syncing, downloading or streaming. This digital lifestyle is pretty neat…but it costs a pretty penny. In anycase, it would be nice to be back using a Mac again, after being “forced” to use an XP machine at work for the last 4 years. To be fair, it hasn’t been bad. Windows has come a long way; from the days of WFW 3.11!! That, was a mess to use. I remember back when they finally released a version 1.1 for the Adobe Illustrator on the PC platform. It stayed 1.1 for the next what seems like 100 years while the Mac versions were at 5.5/6.0. These days, everything seems to be on par, and pretty transparent from platform to platform within the same software; for the most part at least.

Having said all that, it would be nice to be an obnoxious elitist again.

redtape & overeating January 7, 2006

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Belgian WafflesWonton Noodles

Original Pancake HouseApple Pancakes

All thanks to “redtapism”. we enjoyed a couple of days of gastronimical revenge courtesy of emotional eating sponsored by our dearly beloved INS.

We had some Belgian Waffles again on Thursday night to overcome our initial dismay. That waffle maker I got for Christmas has been put to very good use. Thanks Diane.

The next day afterwork, we tracked over to our favorite Chinatown “dive”, 7 treasures and walloped on a couple bowls of their wonton noodles and a platter of stir fried garlic pea sprouts. Incidentally, we learnt that the gift certificate was only good for a one time purchase and no change will be given.

The Original Pancake House was selected to dish up their comfort in the form of apple pancakes this morning. Guess I didn’t know it was really a chain. Those pancakes were awesome; slight cripy dough with a warm and soft cinammon-y center and of course those luscious glazed apple morsels atop all that.

Of course, that changed nothing. We might even have felt a little expansion around the waist but it provided some distraction, for now. We’ll hold out a candle and prayers that maybe, just perhaps that the paperwork comes through before the 26th. It will be no less than a mircale and answered prayers.

Yet again, I’ve had to re-schedule my life and plane tickets because of you.

Then again, it must be because we live in the fattest city in the US. Krispy kreme anyone?

monday in tuesday’s clothing January 4, 2006

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monday in tuesday’s clothing

Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

Surely I will be nominated and awarded the quarterly employees’ award again. Guess I am starting ’06 with a bang or maybe I am just what they call “seow on”.

It didn’t help that it was Tuesday today nor that it was the first day of the work year. No easing into work what with the long new year’s weekend. Nothing of that sort, because with 18 emails in my inbox on the same subject, I’ve been made aware of an apparent deadline for tonight. So, I guess there were two Mondays this week.

This pic could very well be taken at 11:30 tonight, cos’ that’s when I walked out of here. I hollered a “Good night” to the Polish cleaning lady. She went about her business with the vacuum. She must have not heard it with the din…or she might just be ticked at me for being in her way to get her cleaning duties done. Either way I was glad to get out of there.

14 hours ain’t nothing, it’s actually alright. Take comfort that the day ended while it’s still today. There will be 3, 4, 5am days I’m sure; in the meantime, I will be grateful. Actually, we are probably better off than the folks in architecture. I am sure there were people up on the 35th and 36th floors when I left. They may as well just live there.

Oh yeah, I was reminded, again, to “design using transparent materials”. Guess I should take lessons from Wonder Woman.

that blissful smile! January 2, 2006

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blissful smile!

Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

I love that smile.

Not so much that it was a nice looking smile but that it just somehow conjured and captured for me a feeling and a sense of bliss. A sense of contentment in the moment and a peace of being. The picture doesn’t show the “despair” over an unavoidable task that very evening. I am sure it came and went most uneventfully (beneficial) for our young lad.

I think I hear the PS2 calling!
All I need IS you.

Happy 2006! January 1, 2006

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Indian Buffet
Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

2006 was ushered in without too much fanfare. We watched the Manchurian Candidate (2004)…slightly bizzare and didn’t really bother with any of the countdown programs…afterall, how different can it be from last year’s? After church this morning, we embarked on our first feast of the new year at Shree Punjab on Devon Ave.

Gulab Jamun

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Top it all off with some good old Indian sweet dessert dough balls Gulab Jamun!

The Belgian Waffles were excellent as well, thanks Mel!