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transparent materials…!? December 30, 2005

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transparent materials…!?

Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

Happiness can’t be found at the bottom of a bottle but relieve arrives in cardboard boxes. What else are you supposed to do when the client tells you to “design using transparent materials”? No, they don’t really mean glass either.

Besides existing in the solid and liquid states, I didn’t know aluminum was also a gas that could be specified structurally.Since I had no experience specifying aluminum to be used this way, I substituted with Big Mac and french fries.

Can I super-size that please?

Champs-Elysées December 30, 2005

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Originally uploaded by legos+dream.

Perhaps this photo is more suited for my opening blog entry…

Of vanishing points and tree lined sidewalk. Most people were heading off to work or purposefully getting somewhere, save a handful of tourists roaming the street indiscriminately , digital camer-ing away.

Of course, I had to join in…not before I replenished the battery in my Canon.

“Battery, s’il vous plaît???”

forever December 30, 2005

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